Colorado Board of Education

Val Flores | 1st Congressional District, Denver
Angelika Schroeder | 2nd Congressional District, Boulder

Angelika Schroeder is a former tax CPA and college professor of accounting. For the past 20 years she has also been active in education issues at her daughters' schools, their district and at the state level.

She served from 1999 through 2007 on the Boulder Valley School Board, serving as treasurer and vice president. She was appointed in 1995 by Governor Romer as the parent representative to the Teacher and Special Services Professional Standards Board, an advisory board to the SBE on matters of Colorado teacher education, teacher licensing and professional educator standards.

Jane Goff | 7th Congressional District, Arvada

Jane Goff, representing the 7th Congressional District, was elected to fill a vacancy in March 2008 and then elected to a six-year term in November of that year. She is a Colorado native and both a graduate and retired employee of Jefferson County Public Schools, where she enjoyed a 34-year career as a classroom French and Spanish teacher and director of the district’s World Languages and International Student Exchange programs. Jane served as president of the Jefferson County Education Association (JCEA) from 1998-2000 and as vice-president of the Colorado Education Association (CEA) from 2000-2006. Prior to joining the State Board, Jane worked as a legislative aide for the Colorado House of Representatives.