Democrats in the Colorado State House

Representative Susan Lontine | House District 1

Elected in November of 2014 Representative Lontine formerly worked for Rep. Jeanne Labuda and as Chief of Staff to Sen. Irene Aguilar. She currently represents Colorado's first district on the Health, Insurance, & Environment committee as well as the State, Veterans, & Military Affairs committee.

Representative Alec Garnett | House District 2

Representative Garnett begins his first term in 2015. The Colorado native has previously served as the Executive Director of the Colorado Democratic Party as well as a senior legislative assistant to both Congressman Ed Perlmutter and New Jersey Congressman John Adler. He currently sits on the House Business, Affairs, & Labor committee as well as the House Education committee and the House finance Committee.

Representative Dan Pabon | House District 4

Rep. Pabon was the architect of some of the most important legislation passed during the 2013 session. He played the key role in creating a robust regulatory framework for the implementation of Amendment 64, by which the people of Colorado legalized adult recreational use of marijuana. He also sponsored the Keep Jobs in Colorado Act, which gives Colorado companies a preference for state contracts to help ensure that our tax dollars go toward creating Colorado jobs and supporting the Colorado economy; and the Colorado Voter Access and Modernized Elections Act, which made voting simpler, more convenient, more secure and less expensive. He presently sits on the Appropriations committee, as well as the Business Affairs & Labor committee and the Finance committee.

Representative Crisanta Duran | House District 5

Representative Crisanta Duran is a proud native of Colorado. Rep. Duran's family has owned a ranch just West of Trinidad going back six generations. Rep. Duran credits her parents for instilling the importance of public service in her from a very early age - to making a difference by encouraging economic opportunity and access to the American dream.

Representative Paul Rosenthal | House District 9

Representative Paul Rosenthal was elected in 2012 to represent southeast Denver’s House District 9. As he begins his second term he serves on the Local Government committee as well as the Business, Labor, Economic & Workforce Development Committee. In January Rep. Rosenthal was appointed to the Tourism Office Board of Directors by Speaker Hullinghorst.

During the 2013 legislative session, Rep. Rosenthal was the prime sponsor of legislation allowing drivers to use their cell phones and other mobile devices to present evidence of insurance coverage to law enforcement officers during traffic stops.

Representative Jonathan Singer | House District 11

He is vice-chairman of the Public Health Care & Human Services committee and serves on the Appropriations and Local Government committees. He is also a member of the Joint Technology interim Committee.

During the 2013 session Rep. Singer played a key role in efforts to streamline and expand child welfare services, including establishing a statewide child abuse reporting hotline, creating child fatality prevention teams to review child deaths and recommend ways to prevent these tragedies, and expanding the list of individuals who must report suspected child abuse or neglect.

Representative Mike Foote | House District 12

Mike Foote was elected in 2012 to represent House District 12, which includes Louisville, Lafayette and the southern and eastern parts of Longmont.

In the 2013 session he successfully sponsored a handful of criminal justice reforms, including a bill creating a new category of laws to protect pregnant women, giving prosecutors new tools to charge those who intentionally or recklessly cause a woman to lose her pregnancy without going down the road toward “personhood” for the unborn.

Representative KC Becker | House District 13

KC Becker represents House District 13, which includes parts of Boulder County and all of Clear Creek, Gilpin, Grand and Jackson counties. She was appointed to replace Rep. Claire Levy in October 2013.

Prior to her appointment, Rep. Becker was in the final year of a four-year term on the Boulder City Council, where she was the council’s representative on the Boulder Urban Renewal Authority and was the city’s representative to the Denver Regional Council of Governments. Before that she worked for the Department of the Interior for six years, notably on public land issues in Colorado and Wyoming.

Representative Pete Lee | House District 18

Rep. Lee is the House’s most active member on measures to spur the state’s economy and connect Coloradans to good jobs. In the 2013 session he sponsored three key economic development measures: the Keep Jobs in Colorado Act, which gives preferences in state contracts to bidders using Colorado workers and Colorado products; the Economic Gardening bill, creating a pilot program to provide training and advice to mid-size Colorado businesses that can demonstrate significant growth potential; and the public benefit corporations bill to empower corporations to engage in activities that have a positive impact on society or the environment rather than only profit maximization.

Jessie Danielson | House District 24

Whether advocating for the rights of women, or working to expand the access to the ballot, State Representative Jessie Danielson has fought to make Colorado a better place to live. A Democrat serving Colorado’s House District 24, Jessie serves on the House’s Agriculture, Livestock and Natural Resources Committee, the Public Health and Human Services Committee, and the Local Government Committee.

Representative Diane Mitsch-Bush | House District 26

Diane Mitsch Bush was elected in 2012 to represent House District 26, which includes Routt and Eagle counties. She is the vice-chair of the Transportation & Energy committee, as well as a member of the Agriculture, Livestock & Natural Resources Committee and the Health, Insurance, & Environment committee.

During the 2013 legislative session, Rep. Mitsch Bush was prime sponsor of legislation that raised reporting standards for oil and gas spills, requiring spills of one barrel or more to be reported within 24 hours to improve emergency response and reduce the impacts of the spill.

Representative Brittany Pettersen | House District 28

Brittany Pettersen was elected in 2012 to represent House District 28, which includes most of  Lakewood. She is the vice-chair of the Education committee and is a member of the Appropriations and Judiciary committees. Rep. Pettersen also serves as the House Deputy Whip.

Before launching her campaign for House District 28 she worked for New Era Colorado, a nonpartisan nonprofit dedicated to engaging youth in government and politics.

Representative Tracy Kraft-Tharp | House District 29

Representative Tracy Kraft-Tharp was elected in 2012 to represent House District 29, the northeastern corner of Jefferson County, including northern and eastern Arvada and the Jeffco part of Westminster. She is vice chairwoman of both the Business, Labor, Economic & Workforce Development Committee and the Business Affairs & Labor Committee. Rep Kraft-Tharp also sits on the House Transportation & Energy Committee.

Representative Joe Salazar | House District 31

Joe Salazar is the representative in House District 31, which includes most of Thornton and parts of unincorporated Adams County. Rep. Salazar is vice-chair of the State, Veterans and Military Affairs Committee and also serves on the Judiciary Committee.

Rep. Salazar has spent his entire career making sure the rights of hard-working Coloradans are protected, and has brought that same focus to the legislature. During the 2013 legislative session, he was co-prime sponsor of a bill that updates Colorado’s Anti-Discrimination Act, allowing employees to seek damages and attorney’s fees in cases of intentional discrimination or harassment for factors including race, gender and sexual orientation.

Representative Steve Lebsock | District 34

Steve Lebsock was elected in 2012 to represent House District 34, which includes all of Northglenn and Federal Heights, a significant portion of Thornton and one precinct in unincorporated Adams County.

Rep. Lebsock brings to the Capitol a passion for issues of basic fairness, like foreclosure prevention measures so homeowners who are able can stay in their homes. In the 2013 session he successfully sponsored a bill to require that a loan modification accepted by a borrower will be honored whenever the loan is transferred to a new loan servicer.

Representative Faith Winter | House District 35

Representative Faith Winter has spent her entire career bringing people together to make positive change. She has worked in homeless shelters and board rooms and always gets results. The fifth generation Coloradan and former Westminster city Councilperson won her first term to the Colorado State House in the Fall of 2014. She will be serving on the House Appropriations committee as well as the Business Affairs, & Labor committee and the Transportation & Energy committee.

Representative Janet Buckner | House District 40

Rep. Janet P. Buckner was elected by a vacancy committee in July 2015 to serve the remainder of the term of her late husband, John W. Buckner, representing House District 40 in southern Aurora. She is a member of the Health, Insurance & Environment and Education Committees.

Representative Jovan Melton | House District 41

Jovan E. Melton is the representative in House District 41 in Aurora. He is also president and CEO of Emerson Consulting and Strategies, a political consulting firm. Rep Melton is a member of the Public Health Care & Human Services committee and also sits on the Transportation & Energy committee, as well as the Legislative Council.

Rep. Melton is passionate about economic development and job creation; education reform; ethnic, racial and socio-economic equality; promoting working and middle-income families; and youth development. In the 2013 legislative session Rep. Melton was co-prime sponsor of the Colorado Careers Act, which creates a career pathway program to enable Colorado workers to acquire and improve the skills they need to find good-paying jobs.

Representative Daneya Esgar | House District 46

Representative Daneya Esgar was elected to her first term in the fall of 2014. The Pueblo native has long served as a community activist and organizer, dedicating her entire career to advocating for her hometown. As she enters the 2015 session, Rep. Esgar will sit on the House Health, Insurance, & Environment committee as well as the House Transportation & Energy committee.

Representative Dave Young | House District 50

Rep. Dave Young represents House District 50 in Greeley, Evans and Garden City. He was appointed in 2011 and was elected in 2012. Rep. Young is Chairman of the House Appropriations Committee as well as a member of the Joint Budget Committee.

Representative Joann Ginal | House District 52

A teacher, scientist, leader, and lifelong learner, longtime Fort Collins citizen Joann Ginal has a passion for giving back to the community, and working to make our wonderful city an even better place to live. As our state representative for District 52, Joann will take her passion for service in a new direction—one that continues to help Fort Collins while making a difference for all of Colorado.

Representative Jeni Arndt | House District 53

Representative Jeni Arndt will begin her first term in the Colorado State House following her successful November 2014 election. Rep. Arndt is a long time education advocate and a life long Fort Collins resident. Her current committee assignments include the Agriculture, Livestock, & Natural Resources committee as well as the Business Affairs, & Labor committee and the Local Government committee.

Representative Millie Hamner | House District 61

Millie Hamner represents House District 61, which includes Summit, Lake and Pitkin counties and parts of Delta and Gunnison counties. She is the Vice-Chair of the Appropriations Committee as well as the Joint Budget Committee.

As a career educator and former school district superintendent, Rep. Hamner is one of the legislature’s leading voices on education issues. In 2013 she sponsored the annual school finance bill as well as legislation to streamline our childhood development programs, putting them under one umbrella and cutting down on administrative and government waste, and a bill to improve educator evaluation systems, making them more effective.