Representative Sue Schafer

House District 24

Sue Schafer is serving her third term representing House District 24 in Wheat Ridge and Golden. She is the vice chairwoman of the Health, Insurance & Environment Committee and a member of the Public Health Care & Human Services Committee. She is also co-chair of the bipartisan House Economic Vitality Caucus.

During the 2013 legislative session Rep. Schafer was co-prime sponsor of the Colorado Civil Unions Act, which allows all couples – gay, lesbian, or straight – to enter into civil unions, which provide important benefits, protections and responsibilities to all loving, committed families in Colorado, including legal rights for medical care and hospital visitation, the ability to adopt a partner’s child, and eligibility for family leave benefits.

Over the last few years, she has sponsored bills lowering premiums for women in private health insurance, certifying speech-language pathologists, protecting at-risk adults, reducing bullying in K-12 schools, shielding victims from excessive appeals by violent offenders, and allowing military veterans to renew their Colorado occupational licenses up to six months after discharge instead of demanding payment while they’re still serving in war zones.

Rep. Schafer has a bachelor’s degree in secondary education from the University of Nebraska, a master’s in counseling/psychology from the University of Colorado, a doctorate of education from the University of Northern Colorado and a principal’s license from Colorado State University. She lives with her life partner of 22 years and has two married daughters and two grandchildren.