CDP Chairman Rick Palacio Joins Coloradans in Welcoming Ken Salazar Home

After reports confirmed that Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar will resign his appointment and return home to Colorado this March, Colorado Democratic Party Chairman Rick Palacio offered the following statement:

“Few people have the opportunity and responsibility of shaping the future on a truly grand scale, and fewer still are up to the task. In his 14 years in public office, Coloradans have known Ken Salazar as a man dedicated to our land, people, and water, and over the past four years, Secretary Salazar has brought that commitment to the American people. He has tackled crises while building lasting foundations for powering our country. And his work to preserve America's pristine lands and cultural heritage sites ensures that future generations will inherit our nation’s public treasures just as past generations found them.

“Whether he was restructuring the Minerals and Management Service to clean up some of the worst excesses of the past administration or coordinating our national response to the devastating oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, Secretary Salazar has confronted some of our most pressing challenges with strength and integrity. Americans can have more faith in public servants thanks to his efforts, and our coasts and shorelines are more protected than before, even as record-breaking energy production continues offshore.

“His work to deliver a renewable energy future will pay dividends for generations. Secretary Salazar has taken a vision for clean energy production and made it a reality; over 3 million homes will be able to be powered by the wind, solar, and geothermal projects he has authorized. And sites across the West will house new solar facilities in the coming years, harnessing the sun’s potential at an unprecedented level. Such changes will shape the future of our lands, our resources, and our economy for generations.

“For all of his contributions and leadership in our nation’s capital, Ken Salazar remains a Coloradan at heart, and after years of service to the country, we all look forward to the next chapter for him. Welcome home, Ken.”