Colorado Democratic Party Chairman's Statement on Recent Petitions to Recall a State Senator

Jennifer Koch (303) 623-4762


DENVER, CO - Colorado Democratic Party Chairman Rick Palacio released the following statement regarding the recent petitions to recall Senator Evie Hudak:

"Yet again, a group of individuals, tied to extremists Sen. Vicki Marble, Sen. Owen Hill and Rep. Lori Saine, are attempting to undermine our normal process of elections by forcing the tax-payers of Jefferson County to pay for an expensive, and unnecessary recall election of a State Senator," Palacio said.

"This faction is so extreme that my colleague, Republican Party Chairman Ryan Call, came out against it, because he agrees, that governing through recalls is not how Coloradans expect their government to work,

"Sadly, in spite of Chairman Call's objections, it's proof that the dysfunction of Washington has infected the Colorado Republican Party, as these anti-government ideologues are cut from the same cloth as the extremists in Congress that have taken our government hostage, and shut it down."