How the Wind Production Tax Credit Came Back From the Dead

For months, it looked like a key clean energy and American manufacturing effort would fall victim to Washington’s dysfunction. The Production Tax Credit, which supports wind energy production as well as domestic facilities that manufacture turbines, was slated to expire at the end of 2012. Facilities across Colorado were forced to begin laying off good workers who were earning good salaries, and further economic damage was sure to come unless a way forward could be found.

Fortunately for Colorado and the country, Sen. Mark Udall has relentlessly fought to extend the Production Tax Credit, and he succeeded in including an extension in yesterday’s agreement to continue middle class tax relief. That success was far from guaranteed, but Senator Udall’s relentless work paid off—for cleaner energy and good jobs here in Colorado.

Extending the Production Tax Credit – By the Numbers:

  • 27: Speeches on the U.S. Senate floor delivered by Senator Udall calling for an extension to the Production Tax Credit.
  • 3: Facilities in Colorado can continue manufacturing operations to produce wind turbines.
  • 5,000: Workers who can earn a good living in Colorado making turbines.
  • 1: Bipartisan coalition of U.S. Senators and Congressmen, led by Mark Udall, who made an extension possible.